Battery Way Corregidor Island

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Battery Way, Corregidor Island

Battery Way refers to the group of 12-inch mortars in the Island of Corregidor. Corregidor Island is located in southeast of Manila, right on the entrance to Manila Bay. These guns were used by the USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Far East) to fire at Japanese positions at nearby Bataan, and during the invasion of Corregidor Island. During the early months of 1942, Battery Way was one of the guns that kept on firing to the northeast, since these guns were the only guns in Corregidor capable of firing in any direction (360 degrees). The Japanese were aware of the larger coastal guns in the island, but those seacoast guns (16-inch guns) can swing around at only 180 degrees, and facing the west, it was incapable of firing to the northeast. The Japanese know of Corregidor's powerful 16-inch seacoast guns so they avoided a direct invasion on Manila by passing through Manila Bay, instead, they landed on parts of Northern Luzon and slowly made their way down south, towards Manila.

These mortars were manned by a crew of fourteen. Firing sequence was done to two of the mortars at a time to achieve a salvo effect. The battery was manned by the Japanese after the fall of Corregidor in 1942. The guns were permanently damaged during the retaking of Corregidor by the American and Filipino troops in 1945.

Corregidor is now one of the Philippines' premiere national parks. Daytime tours are available from Manila (approximately one hour ferry ride). The whole island is now maintained by the Corregidor Foundation Inc. Aside from the tours, trekking, hiking, and swimming has become a part of visitors' activities.