Health & Wellness

Experience Wellness in the Philippines - “Mabuhay” one gets to hear from everyone as a greeting to mean good health, peace, harmony and life… a practice that is part of a bigger tradition, a way of life of people who are innately warm, friendly, hospitable, and nurturing.  This tradition has lived through generations and is now unveiled as a new genre of wellness in our modern times.

The Philippines boasts of its rich healing practices that are deeply rooted in the people’s long tradition of wellness.  Famous among these is Hilot”, a highly intuitive touch therapy customized to the needs of each client in order to remove energy imbalance and thereby achieve a renewed state of wellness.  What makes it more unique are the use of coconut oil, particularly the virgin coconut oil (VCO) and warm strips of banana leaves before and after treatment.

Dagdagay is a traditional foot massage using two bamboo sticks introduced by the tribal people from the Highland Cordillera Region.  It comes with an herbal foot bath as a pre-treatment ritual.  Other authentic Filipino spa treatments are Banos, Ventosa, Su-ob, etc.  These services are being offered in the following spas accredited by the Department of Tourism all over the country today. (From Islands of Wellness Philippines)